The encounter with the Persian Empire in a great journey


Arash Kamangir

Tour & Travel Agency Co. Ltd,

active for many years in the field of tourism for travel enthusiasts and those who want to spend their entire time in serenity and the discovery of the new world,it is a company with experts director,  Ms. Soheila Pirmoradian, dynamic, enterprising,with his partner, Mr. Shahab Shafieyoun have gained experience in this field for more than 15 years.

The previous experience and expertise inTourism follows us to see  far and lets  us plan a large areas of intervention in national and international level.  Arash Kamangir,  gains good reputes developing  ideas that leads to transform  the company into a  multi-purpose area, a laboratory of social, cultural and entertainment.  The magic of the meeting persons of all kind, the color  of friendship, the pleasure of being good are our main vocation,  our mission of  every day.

About Iran

Iran, is a country in Western Asia. It is one of the 18th largest country in the world in terms of area. Iran is an ethnically diverse country and has a population of around 77 million. It is a mountainous country of particular geo-politica significance owing to its location in three spheres of Asia. Iran is home to  of the  world’s  oldestcivilizations.



la premiazione

Soheila Pirmoradian e’ stata scelta e sara’ premiata dall Unione Europea nell’ evento “ EUROPEAN BUSINESS COMPETENCE LICENCE “ , la premiazione e’ avvenuta a Parigi il 3 novembre

la premiazione


Agency Arash Kamangir was chosen and awarded by the European Union at the event “EUROPEAN BUSINESS COMPETENCE LICENSE”, the award ceremony took place in Vienna on 16 February 2017