Our Services

Our Services

The documents necessary for the procedure of visa:

– Scanning the first page of the passport in .jpg form Color

– Scanning a passport photo with white background

– The completed table of personal data in more occupation and father’s name

– The flights plan arrival and the return


Passport valid for at least 6 months with two consecutive free pages

N.B. Visa fee will be paid by the agency (for those who want to take to the airport) only in the event that the number of travelers is more than 5 persons otherwise, in the groups will be less travelers to pay directly to the airport.

In the case of obtaining a visa at arrival in Tehran or Shiraz airport serving:

-The passport

– Authorization number (sent to us before we left)

– Medical and accident insurance (at a cost of 20 Euros)

*** Not necessary

– the photos

– Fingerprint

-no problem for the visa in the passport with a stamp of Israel