In Iran, being an Islamic country, there are specific laws regarding clothing, especially women's clothing.

In this regard, some points should be considered as follows:

- It is mandatory for women to wear a veil (a scarf or a foulard) in all public places to cover their hair.

- In order to better cover the arms, legs and all body shapes it is usual to put a long-sleeved garment, long up to the knees, over all the clothes, which is called "Mantle", of any color, very similar to a tunics

- No limitations to the use of various colors, sandals without socks, make-up, nail polish.

- Yes to long skirts, even tight jeans, trousers, as long as they are not transparent and obviously no to shorts and mini skirts

- In some sacred places it is compulsory to wear the "Chador" which is traditionally black but in these places those in flowers are used.

- There are no strict rules for tourists.