Visa only

Arash Kamangir with pleasure in addition to arranging the complete package of trips to Iran, offers its individual services for the more independent tourists. Applying for a visa is one of them. The Iran visa procedure is requested online via tourist agencies, which makes it increasingly easier for applicants to obtain a visa. Here is the additional information that may interest you:


1- How to proceed to obtain the visa and what are the necessary documents?

Just contact us by email specifying the desired dates and we will immediately reply, asking you to fill in a table with the personal data of the applicants, and send it back to us together with the passport photo (with a white background) and a scanned passport copy (clear and in color) of each person interested.


2- Which are the deadlines to apply for a visa?

The timeframe to make a visa application depends a lot on the place of the visa withdrawal. There are two possibilities for it, the first is to receive it upon arrival, at the airport (this is the solution that we suggest) and the second is to receive it at the Iranian embassy in Rome or at the Iranian consulate in Milan. In the first case the minimum time will be one month before the defined date and in the second case at least two months before the defined date.


3- How does the agency proceed after receiving the necessary documents?

After receiving the necessary documents, we will proceed with the online visa application and it will take from 3 days to a week to receive a reply from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


4- How will customers proceed after the visa is confirmed?

After receiving the visa authorization’s letter for each applicant from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, two cases develop: in the event that the visa is withdrawn upon arrival, just print the letter to be able to present it to the relevant authority at the airport. On the other hand, if the visa is received at the Iranian embassy in Rome or the Iranian consulate in Milan, an appointment must be made from each of the aforementioned places, to present the letter of authorization and fingerprint.


5- Will the visa be printed on the passport?

We inform you that for almost two years, the visas withdrawn by the Iranian embassy in Rome or by the Iranian consulate in Milan, are issued on the sheet and those received on arrival will be checked via the letter of authorization that we ask to be printed, without any stamp in the passport.


6- Are there any additional documents to be presented for the withdrawal of the visa?

Yes, insurance must be presented in both cases for the withdrawal of the visa. Insurance which can be obtained through the agency at a convenient price.


7- What are the expenses related to the withdrawal of the visa to be paid to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs?

The cost of obtaining the visa on arrival at the airport for groups of one or two persons is 75 euros to be paid at the bank counter next to the visa office. On the other hand, for groups of more than two persons it is 85 euros per person as it must be paid first and through the agency, the relative expense will be calculated on the agency's invoice. In the event that the visa is withdrawn in Italy, at one of the authorities mentioned above, the costs are indicated by them.


Finally, we would like to assure you that by respecting the deadlines and sending the necessary documents as explained above, we will do our best to get you the visa within the times indicated above.