Useful info

The information about the trip in Iran

Required documents:

Passport valid for at least 6 months. Entry visa obtained in Italy


No vaccinations are mandatory. It is advisable to consult your doctor or health department to get all the preventive health information current as of the date of departure.


The currency is the Iranian Rial. The current exchange rate is approximately 1 EUR = ~ 40000 Rials. The prices are normally exposed in Rial but people commonly speak in terms of Toman (equivalent to 10 Rial). The use of credit cards is almost entirely absent (except some crafts stores), as well as there are no ATMs. E ‘therefore necessary to equip themselves from Italy Euro to change on the spot in Rial. In some shops, are also accepted payments in Euro or U.S. Dollars.

In Iran you can carry safely Euro in cash of various cuts normally do the return for the money, the second day in Tehran at own offices or at airport exchange rates, even if worn with the international or credit cards, because some retailers of craftworks expensive objects (the miniatures, turquoise, carpets) also accept credit cards (such as Visa Master, American Express …)


The official language is Persian. In major cities the educated population speaks English pretty well.


Iran is a Muslim country with a Shiite majority (90%). There are important communities of Sunni Muslims in the south west and south-east of the country, Armenians, Assyrians, and, to a lesser extent, Christians, Jews and zoorastriani, which is allowed freedom of worship.

Time zone

When in Italy, there is the standard time difference is 2 hours and 30 minutes ahead.


Because of its vastness Iran presents a very varied climate. Winter (December to February) can be very cold, especially in the north west. In summer (June to August), the temperature reaches 50 ° on the coast of the Persian Gulf and in the southern provinces. The rainfall occurring mainly in the north and west, the zonea colder climate. In Iran western often snow lasts until early spring. Inland, the summer temperatures are always warm but more bearable because the climate is drier.

In September, we still find the temperature in the summer, slightly more ‘low, so only a dress above in the case of the cool evening can’ be pleasant.


The choice of clothing should generally meet the criteria of practicality, comfort, responsiveness to the climate and the environment. It is therefore advisable to opt for sports wear and very comfortable to allow greater freedom of movement and do not hinder blood circulation with elastic laces or too narrow, excluding garments made of synthetic fibers that prevent perspiration, especially in environments with a warm climate . A basic principle to keep in mind when choosing apparel for this type of travel is the clothing industry “thick”: in fact it is better to provide for different light clothes to wear, if necessary, superimposed. This technique allows you to adjust the degree of body coverage to climate changes, and achieve effective protection against temperature extremes and wind.

For men:

The gentlemen can Flatten everything except of shorts and t-shirt without sleeves. Sleeved can be worn safely (like t-shirts or polo)

For women:

Foreign women are usually judged with more tolerance towards Iran. A thin and light cotton scarf is ideal especially in the warmer seasons. shirts that hide wide forms are tolerated on foreign women

The ladies wear flatten blouse with long sleeves (only you should not see the belly; pants of any quality ‘, as it is not transparent and not too garters (no matter the color of the clothes) can makeup and put nail varnish or wear sandals (in most seasons’ hot) without socks.


From Italy to Iran: dial the international code 0098 plus the area code without 0 followed by the number.

Towards Italy: dial the international access code plus the area code 0039 with 0 followed by the number.

For the use and coverage of mobile phones refer to your service provider.

– Your phone sometimes work and sometimes not function, call Italy from the hotel is ‘much more’ convenient with that phone.


The electric current is 220V AC, as in Iran. Plugs are of the European type with two round pins.

—- There is internet in hotels and Wifi

—- There is the possibility of using the iPad

—- The switches for load camera phone computer etc. are like those Italian


If the situation makes it necessary driving force changes during the trip.

The itinerary is flexible and depends on local conditions.

Iran Air Italy Ticket Office


Tel: +39 (06) 4741141

Fax: +39 (06) 4741145

Flights of Iran Air Iranian partner are 2 times a week from Italy:

– The only direct flight from Milan to Tehran on Friday, and return the same day in Milan

– The only direct flight from Rome to Tehran on Wednesday, and the return to Rome on the same day